Republicans are ready to beat the Democrats, and that starts with your vote. Democrats have already mastered harvesting ballots in Nevada – let’s beat them at their own game. We’ve been working hard to ensure all Nevadans can vote safely and securely. If you Bank Your Vote early, that puts us one step closer to defeating the Left’s radical policies. Will you join our efforts to harvest ballots and beat Democrats at their own game? Sign up below to receive important voting updates and learn more about how to WIN this year.


Every Nevada Republican is dedicated to ensuring our elections are safe and secure. If you’re a Nevada resident, you’ll receive a mail-in ballot by default, but you can also vote early in-person for two weeks before Election Day. Being an informed voter helps protect the vote of all Nevadans. Learn more about the process here.


We need every Republican across Nevada ready to make their voice heard this year. That’s why we’re calling on YOU to make a plan to Bank Your Vote. Sign up to receive important voting updates.

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Key Election Dates

The race for the White House has started, and election day is closer than you think. Make sure you mark these critical dates on your calendar. Voting by mail or early in person are safe and secure ways to defeat Democrats.

  • 7/22/24
  • 10/16/24Ballots Begin to be Sent Out (Varies by County)
  • 10/19/24In-person Early Voting Begins
  • 11/1/24In-person Early Voting Ends
  • 11/5/24Election Day
  • 11/9/24Last Day for Ballots to be Received (All Ballots MUST be Postmarked by Election Day)